Are you in emotional pain because your significant other has lost their desire for intimacy?  Then this is the place for you.

Why would I want to revisit my 20 year journey on a painful path through a low-sex marriage that ended in divorce?  Because it’s my hope that I might provide some measure of affirmation, validation, respite and hope to those who are going through a similar situation.

Here, I hope to reflect on what I endured, what I learned and what I might have done differently.  I’m hoping to build a community where we can expose our aching hearts and help one another.  I want this to be a place for you to dump your pain, commiserate and gain strength to take positive actions to make your relationship better; and when that’s not possible, to take care of your own spirit.

I will admit, bringing these memories back to the forefront of my mind and writing about it is probably going to be therapeutic for me.  But, hopefully, it will also make you feel that you’re not alone.  You’re alone in your relationship, but not alone in the world; and you’re not having a unique experience.  Misery loves company!

But I don’t want us to just wallow in misery.  I also want us to explore the deep-seated reasons intimacy has left your relationship and look into some creative solutions.  I’ll review books written about low/no sex marriages and talk about counseling strategies that I’ve learned through a coaching course; and I hope my audience will share what has worked for them.

I’ve been divorced for 4 years and I am in a wonderful relationship with my best friend. Getting divorced was the hardest thing I ever did and it was the right thing to do, FOR ME.  Obviously, everyone’s situation is different, so I’m not here to advocate for divorce. On the contrary, if your relationship is worth saving, I pray that this blog will contribute to its resuscitation.  If you feel like there’s still hope to rekindle your marriage or relationship, is there something you can do today that could spark a flame?  What is one small action you can take, today (right now?!) that might be the catalyst to turn things around for the better?  Do you have the courage to do it?  Why or why not?


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